The project for the “Complex of Facilities for Common Interest” proposes a social and functional mix as a base for the design. The citizens will use the complex in a daily basis, creating multiple flows and movements between 9 different uses that will be sheltered, spanning from Kindergardn and Daycare, to a Municipal Sports Hall, a Multi-Purpose Hall, a Municipa; Medicine Office, an Exhibition Space and a Library.

#1: The public character as a prerequisite / The project aspires to create a landmark building, in an urban context of generic residential character that is in orbit of change due to the forthcoming metro station and other ongoing projects (forthcoming Museum of Modern Art). The volume of the building is gathered in a small footprint, as the public character of the complex is reflected in the creation of an abundance of public spaces. Maximizing the open surface introduces a new public square, “Stavloi Square” in the urban front of Mykonou Street.

#2: The passage through the building complex / As a continuation of the public square, the public space is introduced through the volume of the building: a passage connects the square to the pedestrian street and the new playground, situated to the opposite end. The interior passage has spatial qualities of a courtyard and reflects the complexity of the uses, while introducing more entrances to the building, visual perspectives and opportunities for rest.The building is thus divided into two sectors. The Northern sector has uses that present a more ephemeral use form the part of the citizens, such as the Community Centre, the Multi Purpose Hall etc. On the other hand, the Southern Sector has uses that present a more permanent or residential character, such as the Guesthouse and the Nursery-Kindergarten.

#3: The Public Library as a community condenser: The proposal introduces a new meaning to the Building Complex by separating and bringing forward one of the uses, a use that is very important in creating a sense of community: the Public Library. In our digital age, it has been proven that the role of the Public Libraries in local communities is very strong ensuring not only social integration and life-long learning, but also in creating social bonds and strong knowledge cores. The Library is designed a building on its own, with distinct volumetry and materiality, in direct connection to the Urban Square.

#4: The double skin as a connecting element: A double-skin porous ribbon, made of ceramic tubes, is introduced in order to filter the views, offer shadow, introduce vertical plantation and create a unifying character to the building.

  • Architects Micromega

  • Location Athens, Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Status Honorable Mention, Architectural competition for the Creation of a Municipal Complex for Public Services

  • Project Architects Alexandros Zomas, Mara Papavasileiou

  • Project Team Anastasia Drougka, Dimitris Papageorgiou, Fereniki Fotopoulou, Ioanna Alexiou

  • Structural Engineering Nasos Mantzanas, Fotis Kondis

  • Mechanical Engineering TETRAS A.E.M.

  • Client Municipality of Thessaloniki

  • Area 8.170 m2

  • Project Year 2019