house with an ocean view in australia _ HONORABLE MENTION

House with an ocean view

Honorable Mention in international competition

House A is also reached by the parking, through an alley with glimpses to the ocean. It is composed by two levels. The living room with the open kitchen is situated on the ground floor and has view towards the ocean. There is also a bedroom on the ground floor, whereas a larger bedroom is situated on the first floor. The living room is prolonged on the exterior deck, where a fire pit is situated.

The materials that will be used for the construction have been chosen in their most raw and real form. The main structural walls are made of stone, while wood is used for the shading panels. The first floor is also composed by metal panels that respond with their light nature to the solid stone walls of the ground floor. The interior is proposed to follow the same character, as this will allow a greater perceptual continuity between interior and exterior spaces.

The brief calls for two houses that can be realised in two stages and later function together or separately. We believe that this strategy is efficient in order to value the site in its full potential and maximise the future benefits, should the complex be used as one extended residency or two. With this in mind, we created a complex that is unified in terms of aesthetics and materiality, but still preserves the privacy of the two residencies.

The complex is more introvert as we approach by the main road, where the entrance is situated. As we walk from the entrance or the parking towards the House B, the space is revealed in sequences, leaving for the end the arrival in the open space living room and kitchen that opens towards the ocean view. The ground floor of House B has also a study room, separated from the living room, thus being more quiet and peaceful. The master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, as well as three bedrooms, compose the first floor. There is also a common space for studying, playing or relaxing in a more casual way for the guests. The volume of House B stands as an

obstacle towards the SW prevailing winds of the site.