Piraeus Periscope

Thematic Archaeological Museum of Pireus

October 2014



In our proposal, the building is treated as a whole, telling the story of Piraeus both through objects and the active participation of the visitor in the discovery of the collection and the city. The promenade into the museum entangles to different views towards the city, with culminal point the periscope that offers to the ground floor the whole image of the city. The sides of the atrium that overlook the showrooms, the workshops and the storage rooms, are designed to serve as showcases of objects. Programmatic uses are enriched with more recreational uses, seeking the expansion the museum beyond operating hours. The roof is designed as the natural end of the course of the visitor leading to the full perception of the Cultural Coast.

Collaborators: Christina Voutou


Out intervention towards the building is oriented by the use of materials that are environmentally friendly and highly recognizable so as the building would operate as a reference point in the urban tissue. If one reflects on the materiality of a harbour as Piraeus used to be in the antiquity, he would end up with two materials : wood and fabric. With these materials we create a double skin, in order to produce cooling and shading effects but also to horizontally extended the surface of the museum. The structure consists of a wooden frame that is completed with elements made from the fabric