railscape , patra

Test Planning Patras International University Team (ETH, NTUA, UP)

June 2015

Team members

Athanassios Spanomaridis (coordinator), Markus Nollert (ETH Zurich), Theodora Papamichail (ETH Zurich), Savvas - Petros Pantazopoulos (UP)


The train will be the means that brings together the local residents of Patras and the students, as well as the visitors or the passers by. The alignment of the rail tracks act also as an urban green corridor, introducing a linear element of soft borders that connects the perpendicular blue and green infrastructure. Activating places of memory, which are situated in proximity to the train, brings the history of the city forward. The waterfront is reinterpreted as a leisure and cultural site, parallel to the development oft he new port as a transportaion hub.


The concept of railscape embraces a holistic approach towards the relation between the passage of the rail and the city. In railscape, we recognize an active relation between the urban fabric of the city and its history, the users, the natural environment, the existing and proposed program. A new way of experiencing the city is proposed using the train as a means for a new interpretation of the urban landscape, activating programmatic nodes and creating new centralities.