rethink Athens, phase b _ 3RD RUNNER UP

Distinction : 3rd runner up (shortlisted in the second phase)

(71 teams participated in the competition, 9 were shortlisted for the second phase)

Date : February 2013

Project Team:

Dimos MOYSIADIS (Dimos Moysiadis Architecture,

Alexandros ZOMAS and Mara PAPAVASILEIOU (Micromega Architecture and Strategies,

Architecture students :



Diathlasis Α.Ε.Ε. (Architectural Lighting,

Aggelos MILATOS (Electromechanical study)

Theodora ZAGKA (landscape architect)

Panagiotis MITSIOS (civil engineer)

Miltiadis LAZARIDIS (feasibility study)

Kommigraphics Design Studio (visual communication,

Alexandra DIALYNA (urban anthropology)


Experience – History – Identity: The city is first and foremost its citizens and the sum of their common memories. The identities proposed for the main squares bear in mind their history, but more importantly take into consideration the use patterns of the contemporary city. The Trilogy square will function as a reminder of the role that Athens plays within an extended network of the European and Mediterranean cities, since the cities are today the crucial territories. This square incorporates in its design points of relation with other cities, each of which will be represented by an element of screen panel. Omonoia Square is considered as the continuous place of reflection and political transparency, where the water is present in its symbolic essence, but also as a bioclimatic feature. The circular water pond, around which people can sit, is a reminder of the design of the square during the 60’s.

The main surface of the square is of stabilized earthen ground and Mulberry trees (Morus platanifolia) are chosen as they are native to the Mediterranean region and tend to grow a large canopy that offers a thick shadow. Under their shadow, movable chairs are provided as an element of urban equipment that can function under total liberty, but also requires also a respect for the public space and equipment. The square of the Arts is the centre of the creative artistic production and aims to attract mainly young people. Its vivid identity refers mainly to the landmarks of Rex theatre, as well as to the local character of this area that hosts most of the music retail stores of the centre of Athens. A large screen, as well as a music pavilion will offer a place for expression for the artistic groups of the city. The trees of this square are kept and are enhanced by stone pines.


The proposal Athens as Home aspires to invert the prevailing mentality in Greece of disregard towards public space, by giving incentives so that the public space of Athens might be felt again as home. Athens needs a strategic vision for its development, a strategy which will incorporate citizens and visitors, new functions, an extrovert city profile and 24hour uses altogether under a sustainable project. Panepistimiou Street as a green corridor: the avenue of the mimosas is back.

Natural elements, such as trees, soil, grass, bushes, sand and water, are running down Panepistimiou Street as a green river, creating a green corridor of urban comfort. The proposed trees are endemic and characteristic of the Athenian landscape.