topos Bauhaus- Bauhaus museum

Topos Bauhaus _ Bauhaus Museum Design Competition

International Architectural Competition _ September 2015

Collaborators: Dimitris Papageorgiou, Symeon Banos


The proposed museum functions as a public node, a passage connecting the urban park with the pedestrian circulation. People are invited to walk through this public passage and get an active experience of what is happening around the museum. The foyer of the museum and the cafeteria are in immediate relation to the square. In order to enhance the sense of passage through the museum and create the Topos Bauhaus Square, the museum is positioned between and above two artificial low hills, constructed by reusing the debris and excavation material. The existing natural topography is enhanced by the introduction of a 3m-height slope that offers new views to the surrounding area and a playful public space.


Bauhaus has been an avant-garde movement influencing not only the arts and sciences, but also the society in which it emerged. We are searching for a contemporary re-interpretation of Bauhaus and the way these notions would be applied not only in the architecture of the museum, but also in its urban presence. The ground level of the museum is designed as an open and accessible platform, therefore the use of transparent and transluscent materials (glass and U-glass) is suggested, facilitating the visual contact and theatrical sense of the visitors’ spaces of the museum. The terrace is also activated by placing spaces of programmatic interest, such as the event space and additional functions, like an open-air amphitheater. This attempt reflects the multidisciplinary character of the Bauhaus school, engaging all arts under a unique approach.